Baby Mara

Baby Mara

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 is a super light but has a soft cuddly body, her tiny little face is hand sculpted with needle and thread technique. She is a curly red haired baby and has the sweetest little face that goes with her personality. She is wide awake and has hand painted face. None of my dolls are perfect but are still so sweet! Some will be similar but never the exact same. Her height is approx. 13" and is filled with hypoallergenic poly fill. Fabric used on her head and body is cotton lycra. Her onesie is not removable. Her hair can be lightly brushed. She will come with her turban.

How can I Purchase a Nuvia Doll?

Dolls are not always available, but when they are they will be announced in the newsletter when you subscribe to the emailing list (link can be found at the bottom of the website) Dolls will not be reserved in order for everyone to get a fair chance to adopting one.

Do you take custom doll orders?

No, I don't make custom dolls. However you may choose color of skin soon!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I do ship worldwide. But If your country is not in the list please feel free to contact me so that I can list your country.

What are the prices of the dolls?

Prices for dolls will vary one by one depending on the detail, accessories it includes etc. starting price from $48.00 USD.

What age do you recommend to give my child a Nuvia doll?

From NB to big kid. However if you'd like one for an infant you may want a more simple "Softy Baby" with no hair.

Can I buy more clothes, for my Nuvia Doll?

Yes, when they are available they will be listed. I don't take custom orders for doll clothes.


There are NO refunds sorry!

What is your TAT (turn around time)?

All accessories and Dolls will be ready to ship as of now. 1-3 business days to ship and 3-7 to receive your item.

Where is this doll pattern from?

The original creator of this doll pattern is "La Chulona Dolls"

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