Affiliates Terms & Conditions

R E Q I R E M E N T S / C O N D I T I O N S:


  • You can not use your own affiliate discount code* 
  • You DO NOT have to make any purchases although it is recommended so your followers can see the items on your feed.
  • You can use your code that is given to you on your affiliate account which is different from the code you personally made. There is no limit on how many times you can use this code.
  • You may share your discount code to your followers, however you may NOT comment or share any of your  discount codes with our followers since that defeats the purpose of being an affiliate, and will get you banned from the program.
  • To make it easier for you to earn 10% commission you may promote our products personally with your followers or just share one of our pictures/posts on your social media. We do not look at how many followers you have. We also would appreciate your tags. We would love your babies wearing Nostalgia's Shop items so that your followers can be exposed to our brand and they can help you earn your commission, however it is not a requirement. You will also get a chance to be featured on our IG page/ and or Website.


P E R K S 


  • 20% OFF  code to be used towards anything on our website (please check affiliate account for this code UNDER NOTES)
  • 10% OFF for family and friends (this code will be made by you) and your social media accounts.
  • 15% commission on every order made using your code that you made. Money will be sent in either via Paypal or  Debit your choice (you cash out at $5 +) 
  • Exposure to 31K followers on our social media plat form. This may help your IG page grow if you are looking for your baby to rep for any other brands in the near future.


By signing up for this program you agree for any photos to be used on our social media pages and website or any other advertisements made.